Zrinka Cvitesic

Zrinka Cvitešić has been named as the female lead in the West End musical ‘Once’, which will open in March.

The Croatian actress will be playing ‘Girl’ opposite British musician and actor Declan Bennett’s ‘Guy’.

‘Once’ follows the nameless pair’s week-long relationship after a chance encounter in a Dublin street. The Irish man and Czech woman develop a complicated connection after being drawn together by their love of music.

The musical version of the 2006 indie film was widely lauded in New York where it enjoyed a successful year-long run on Broadway. The show won eight Tony awards, including Best Musical.

Cvitešić is an acclaimed actress in Croatian theatre, having regularly starred in major productions at the Croatian National Theatre. She is perhaps best known for her award-winning turn in Croatian film ‘What is a Man Without a Moustache?’ (2005)

Also an accomplished dancer, Cvitešić won the first season of Ples sa zvijezdama (Croatia’s Dancing with the Stars equivalent) in 2006.

Following a short run at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin, ‘Once’ will open at London’s Phoenix Theatre on 9th April with previews beginning on 16th March.

Listen to the Oscar-winning song Falling Slowly from the soundtrack of the film ‘Once’:

Photo courtesy of Premier Communications.

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