1. Hajde London decided to compile a few stories through Storify marking the 5 year celebrations of Kosovo independence. Here it is!
    Let’s start with the New Born sign in Pristina receiving a makeover to mark the 5-year anniversary. The previously yellow sculpture is now covered with flags of those countries that have recognised Kosovo as an independent country.
  2. RT @lovaticzaynJB: New Born , on Kosovo. THIS IS SO COOL ! #5YearsKosovo ❤ http://pic.twitter.com/PLmioOjw
  3. RT @metrauhl: Happy 5th Independence Day Kosova. #5YearsKOSOVO http://pic.twitter.com/rANY3kcc
  4. And talking about recognitions, Egypt has become the latest country to recognise Kosovo’s independence.
  5. London’s own Rita Ora wishes her country of birth a happy anniversary in her native Albanian.
  6. RT @ChriannaBieber: Shina ya light!! @ritaora Happy Kosovo’s independence day!! #5yearsKOSOVO http://pic.twitter.com/EHEhVbBz
  7. And so does Bayern Munich football player Xherdan Shaqiri
  8. RT @FatosBerisha: Bayern star Xherdan Shaqiri with ‘La Manita’ celebrating Kosovo’s independence day #5yearsKOSOVO http://pic.twitter.com/kVvqpNMl
  9. Whereas actor Blerim Destani scribbles on the notepad
  10. Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt and MEP Tanja Fajon also join in on the well-wishing
  11. We should today of course also congratulate Kosovo on five years of independence.
  12. Dear Kosovars! Today is your day for joy. My heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the prosperity and happy future of Kosovo!
  13. As well as the UK Houses of Parliament
  14. Kosovo’s European Integration Minister reflects on the day
  15. A lot remains to be done, but a truly European Kosovo is a possible mission! Happy 5th Independence Day Kosovo
  16. Al Jazeera’s report on the day of independence, followed by a video report on the significance of the Kosovo flag
  17. My #AJE report on the #5yearsKosovo march, the progress so far, and the birthday girl of Sllovi. Watch here: aje.me/XZOC4L #Kosovo
  18. The Huffington Post showcases Kosovo’s independence through a photo slideshow
  19. Kosovo Deputy PM joined CNN in London for a talk on the occasion
  20. Busy day in Lnd,1:00 pm conf on Assesing the EU enlargement in the W. balkans, 4:30 (5:30 #Kosovo time) Live @CNN for #5yearsKosovo 6:30 LSE
  21. And here is CNN’s Happy Birthday wish to Kosovo
  22. Reuters reports on the Kosovo’s relationship with Serbia
  23. Out of interest, here is the declaration of independence
  24. #Kosovo marks 5 years since declaration of independence. Here is the text of the declaration: news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/…
  25. And finally, Kosovo’s independence also trended on Twitter!
  26. #Kosovo trending globally on #Twitter as it celebrates it’s birthday – Happy 5th Independence Day Kosova. Not bad for a cute, little country
  27. RT @SelimiSabin: #Kosovo’s 5th Birthday is trending globally on @twitter! – ‘Happy 5th Independence Day Kosova’ #5YearsKosovo http://pic.twitter.com/ClWuHE2r

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