In order to save Serbia’s EU accession bid ahead of the 16th April deadline set by the European Commission, Serbia’s deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić has made a fresh request of talks with Kosovo. This comes after the eighth round of EU mediated talks came to a dead end on 2nd April, after an agreement failed to materialise on the future of the judiciary and on Kosovo military presence in Kosovo Serb areas. One of the main conditions set by the EU to Serbia’s membership in the Union, is the “normalisation” of relations between the two countries.

The introduction of the Cyrillic alphabet on street signs in the town of Vukovar has angered tens of thousands of Croatians. Protesters from all over the country gathered at Zagreb’s main square, demanding that Vukovar be excluded from the legislation allowing ethnic minorities to use their respective languages for official purposes in areas where they make up a third of the population. Vukovar was the ground where the 1991-1995 war began, and was almost completely destroyed within three months of siege by the Yugoslav National Army. Serbians currently make up 25% of the Vukovar population.

David Cameron’s speech warning that Romanians and Bulgarians will be flooding the UK after labour movement restrictions are lifted in January next year has been directly challenged by a report commissioned by the Foreign Office. The study by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research found that Bulgarians and Romanians are less likely to come to the UK and exploit the benefits system, but would rather opt for migration to Italy and Spain. David Cameron’s speech received severe backlash for failing to give estimations as to the extent of arrivals from the two countries, resulting in Home Affairs Committee chair Keith Vaz demanding a full government commissioned study on the matter.

And finally, Serbia beat the US in the Davis Cup to reach the tournament’s quarterfinals where they will be facing Canada. World Number 1 Novak Djoković beat Sam Querrey 3-1 in four sets. Watch a video with the highlights here.

Photo courtesy of Ivan Klindic.

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