We recently had the pleasure to partake in a Balkan food taster menu event organised by Foodtrips at the Frog on the Green in Peckham. The unique Foodtrips is run by German-born Florian Siepert with the aim for like-minded people to discover the world through the best that it has to offer – food! The latest event organised by Florian was a culinary experience of Balkan food which was masterly prepared by chef John Gionleka, who is of Albanian origin. The key ingredient? Yoghurt! As the chef very aptly explains: “yoghurt is a food that binds a fragmented region together, split in multiple ethnicities, religions and a plethora of states: The Balkans.”

So after a very pleasant and mouth-watering dinner, we decided to share this with you through an audio slide-show, where you will see the beautiful culinary creations and listen to all things related to wining and dining, and of course the Balkans!

To find out more about Foodtrips and their upcoming food journeys, visit their website here.

The charming deli Frog on the Green is located here. (Sidenote: they have the best sourdough bread that I have ever tasted!)

Photos by Julia Chapman.

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