Five men were convicted in Pristina for their involvement in organ-trafficking. The men, all citizens of Kosovo, performed 23 illegal kidney transplants at the Medicus clinic in Pristina. The men brought donors from Turkey and eastern Europe. Some were not paid for their organs. The predominantly Israeli recipients of the organs paid up to €100,000 for the kidneys. The Medicus clinic was exposed when a Turkish man collapsed at an airport after having a kidney removed. The trial was conducted by Eulex, the EU court established to deal with sensitive trials in Kosovo. The case echoes accusations against members of the Kosovo Liberation Army, who were alleged to have harvested organs of Serb prisoners in the late 1990s.

Croatian goalkeeper Ivan Turina was found dead in his Stockholm apartment on Thursday. The 32 year-old played for Swedish football team AIK since 2010. Police have said that Turina died in his sleep, and his death is not considered suspicious. The Zagreb-born footballer was known to have had a congenital heart problem but his death was still surprising to those who knew him. Turina had recently agreed to stay at AIK for a further three years. He was the father of one-year-old twins and his wife is currently expecting their third child.

Budget airline Ryanair has launched flights to Montenegro. The inaugural Podgorica-Charleroi route is already reported to have healthy ticket sales in the week since the announcement. Ryanair has also announced plans for flights to Tivat, a popular tourist destination on the Montenegrin coast of the Adriatic. Flights are expected to go from London, Milan, Barcelona, Oslo and Stockholm starting in the summer of 2014.

Photo courtesy of praccus.

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